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Dog Dealer Pounds Scally Lad

Well, today it’s time to take another visit to the bulldog pit once more and see eager and horny studs getting to fuck hard style for the cameras and you all. Like the title says it, one of them was very very eager to get to take it in the ass today and the other guy was more than happy to provide. They even got to go to the bedroom and put that bed to good use as they got to fuck nice and hard on it all day long. So yeah, let the cameras roll and let’s not waste anymore time as we bet that you will want to check this one out by yourselves this afternoon and enjoy the naughty action. So let the show go on and let’s see some ass pounding getting done this week!

Dog Dealer Pounds Scally Lad

The guys like we said, head straight to the bed and all along the way you can see them dropping clothes. By the time they were there they were all nice and nude and ready to get down and dirty. So check them out sucking one another off and get each other’s cocks hard. Then this wurstfilm presents the guy with the gold chain as the alpha guy in their fuck this week since he gets to use his thick cock to fuck his buddy balls deep and make him moan in pleasure throughout the whole show here this afternoon. So yeah, have fun with it all and we’ll be seeing you soon once more with new and fresh content everybody. Bye bye and enjoy the view!

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Hardcore bedroom threesome

Bulldog pit is the new place that you get to visit and see some hot and sexy studs having naughty fun. To start off we have this trio here that was more than happy to get to show off their sexual skills on camera just for you guys to see this afternoon and we bet that you will just adore it. The trio of studs was all set to have some nice and long sexual fun sessions for this afternoon as they would get around to fuck one another nice and hard all afternoon long today. So let’s just get started and see them in action without delay today.

The scene starts off with the guys as they engage in some nice and long cock sucking sessions for you guys to see and to get each other nice and hard for the next part of this nice scene. You get to watch them use the nice and big bed to all of it’s potential today as they get to take their time fucking each other nice and hard in the ass all afternoon long. So have fun with their nice and long group fuck session today and do come back next week for another amazing and hot update as well! If you wanna see some old daddies getting their asses fucked, check out the www.hotoldermale.net site!


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BulldogPit – Ass worship

Well hi there everyone. Today we bring you another superb and hot update. In this scene you get to see two horny guys that just adore to spend together in bed too. Their scene is full of kinky and naughty stuff and you just need to see it today without fail today. The two guys have quite the show to put on for you guys to see and it’s just unbelievable. Take your time to see the two hunks in action and let’s just get their scene started to see them at play without further due in this nice and hot scene for the afternoon today shall we?


The title of this one said it all everyone, there was quite the ass worshipping in it as you can bet. You get to see the very horny guy with a big cock laying on his back in bed and letting his buddy suck his cock too, but what he really adored was the ass licking and fingering that he got from his masterful fuck buddy for the afternoon. So have fun with this whole scene today and do come back next time for another amazing one just for you guys to see okay? We will be seeing you once more then!

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Straight guy nailed in the bathroom

Welcome back to bulldog pit because this time we have a really exciting scene featuring a hot straight guy who is going to get his ass pounded in the bathroom by his gay buddy. He had no idea that his best friend is gay and he just found out because his friend took him to a gay bar. The guy can’t explain how come he never noticed that his friend is gay but he has nothing against, actually he is quite flattered when his friend tells him that he’s been having a crush on him all this time.

Like you see they ended up making out in the bathroom and the hot straight guy wanted to go even further and allowed his buddy to suck his hard cock. After he got a blowjob he wanted to blow his load so badly and after sliding his cock in his buddies ass he shoot his load in the guys butthole. If you enjoy watching straight guys in hardcore gay action check out http://straighthell.org/ and enjoy watching those scenes. Have fun and come back soon!


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